Teen at Summer Camp Allegedly Threatened Campers With Vial of Acid


Summer camp is supposed to be a time for fun activities like painting rocks, weaving shitty macrame, and feigning accidentally falling into a large body of water with your clothes on (I know you were faking it!). For the optimal experience, summer camp should probably not include acid of any type at all, not even the fun kind. But apparently one young camper in Sedgwick County, Kansas had other ideas.

Parents of YMCA Camp Hyde day camp were shocked to receive a letter from the staff informing them that a teenager had brought a bottle of hydrochloric acid and threatened to throw it at the other campers if they made him mad. While the camper has been banned from the property and is currently under investigation, the idea of a kid bringing muratic acid potentially intending on using it on others is very unsettling.

KWCH12 reports one mother’s reaction when she questioned her child about the incident:

“He told me it was a kid he went to middle school with and they didn’t get along too well,” she said. “And, at one point in time my son told me the boy that had the acid had said, ‘Do you want to drink some?'”


“It’s scary. It’s scary,” she said. “As a parent you have to tell your kid not to take drinks from someone else, even, possibly, their best friend. You never know.”

Obviously, because the case involves juveniles, there is not a lot of information. We don’t know if the kid was joking around (if there’s one thing kids really know how to do, it’s take a practical joke way too far) or if he would have actually attacked someone or let someone drink it. Either way, it’s terrifying.

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