Teen Girl Has A Second Amendment Remedy For Assault


Regis Giles, 19, is “sick and tired of seeing defenseless girls being abducted in broad daylight by some fruity [?] freak who gets aroused by raping and abducting them.” Her solution: A mass movement of girls with guns, galvanized by her website Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

If Giles’ name is familiar, that’s because she is the younger sister of ACORN prostitute-posing Hannah Giles. Their father, Doug Giles, is the Christian motorcyclist talking head who condemned the “shemales” who hate Sarah Palin.

There’s more than a little Palinite inspiration in Giles’ speech to CPAC last week, which syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker this weekend held up as a beacon of the new feminism. (Still, Parker has taken to referring to Palin as “That One.”) It’s fascinating to watch Giles specifically couch her interest in guns — not just for hunting but for executing rapists, something Andrea Dworkin could have gotten behind — in women’s liberation. She specifically says at the end of her speech that women around the world fought for their rights, and now we have to defend them. (But were those women shemales?)

In this comfortably black-and-white world, all rapes take place by sickos who grab innocent girls as they skip down the meadow, and all rapes can be prevented if that girl whips out a semi-automatic. Just ignore the fact that the vast majority of rapes are perpetrated by acquaintances, or the nebulous plausibility of effectively using a dangerous weapon in an unexpected scenario.

Giles doesn’t just share Palin’s blithe summoning of feminist rhetoric — there’s also the religious overtones and the traditional femininity juxtaposed with impressive stories of hunting prowess. “I begged and pleaded to God, “GIVE ME A BEAR LORD!” Giles recalls on her site. Her show will be called “Primal Urge,” which clearly doesn’t have any sexual implication whatsoever.

And Parker writes, “Giles once used a spear to kill a wild boar that was in a tussle with one of her hunting dogs. She stabbed the beast straight through the heart, a clean kill resulting in one relieved canine. It is one thing to kill a bison from a distance with a high-powered rifle. It is another to approach a wild boar and kill it with one’s own hand and a stick. Not many can claim that level of courage, and, by the way, she ate her kill.” Stabbing wild boars is the new field-dressing a moose. Just make sure you look like someone’s idea of pretty while doing it.

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