'Teen Mom 2' Star Shoots Heroin, Nods Off for Finale


Teen Mom 2 ended on a high note last night only in that it featured troubled star Jenelle Evans so completely doped up that she nods off in her final scene. The episode chronicled the messy aftermath of her mother Barbara’s off-camera—and apparently botched—attempt at an intervention, where she entered Jenelle’s home and found syringes and empty baggies. This goes so much further than “smokin’ weed with ya booooyfriend.”

The events depicted on the show happened last fall, when Barbara and her boyfriend Mike went to Jenelle’s home to confront her about her drug use. It didn’t go well, and if MTV filmed it, they didn’t air any of the footage. What they did film was Barbara filing papers to have Jenelle involuntarily committed, which ended up just being a three-hour evaluation in a hospital before she was released.

Jenelle’s boyfriend Kieffer was so incensed about the “invasion” and considers the confiscation of their syringes as theft, saying, “I don’t care if it is a heroin needle, they stole property from our house.” And then he pressed charges against Babs and Mike for trespassing, despite the fact that Kieffer’s name is not on the lease of the residence.

While Jenelle sounds really sad and pained, Kieffer sounds like such a moron. Of course, this is the guy who thought he would hit the big time selling hand-carved wooden pipes using out-of-focus photos on a shitty website riddled with typos. (Pro tip: If you come off less sophisticated than someone working out of their hatchback at Bonnaroo, you should reevaluate your business model.)

While the events depicted on the show happened around September 2012, MTV reportedly sent Jenelle to rehab in Florida in February 2013 — but she left soon after. Last week she was arrested for heroin possession.

Although MTV hasn’t made an official announcement, some members of the cast have intimated on Twitter that last night was actually a series finale, as the show has not been picked up for a fifth season.

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