Tell Us If You've Ever Seen a Guy Wearing This Stupid Tank Top


On this week’s episode of America’s most important television show The Bachelorette, the dreaded Ben did a lot of things, like kiss Desiree way too much for anyone else’s liking and lie blatantly about how much he had hung out with her. But more importantly, he donned a tank top that seems to have become required wearing for Bachelorette douchebags, described quite accurately by Emily Hirshey as an “upside-down-jockstrap-wife-beater.”

This article of clothing is sold by the company 2(x)ist — amongst others, we presume — and marketed as a “square cut tank top.” It’s basically a more tailored undershirt and we last saw it on Season 8 of The Bachelorette, when the loathsome Ryan wore it for casual house lounging.

Either inspired by Ryan’s bad boy aesthetic or desperate to set a trend, Ben wore it in black this week. Here he is sweeping Desiree off her feet from the front:

And from behind:

Have you ever seen a man wearing this shirt in the wild, whether at home or for play? Should you have taken it as a sign that he was totally evil? Please provide photographic evidence in the comments (though if you’re taking someone’s picture, you should ask first. Don’t be a fucking creep).

Image via 2(x)ist

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