The B-List: Beyoncé, Basketball, Babies, Barack & Brad Pitt


Politics can be so boring some days, with people still talking about Rush Limbaugh and Obama’s budgetary maneuvers, so instead we’ll focus on Beyoncé, basketball and John Edwards’ reported baby mama.

Apparently, back when Beyoncé met Barack and Michelle Obama (and he proved that he can do the “Single Ladies” dance), before Michelle called Barack out on his dance moves, Michelle told Beyoncé that she’s happy her daughters look up to her — who, truth be told, does seem pretty fucking normal by comparison to some other train wrecks tweens idolize. Beyoncé, it sounds like, is still freaking out that Michelle said that. She isn’t, however, freaking out as much as Mike Rawls, who is a huge Washington Wizards fan and apparently spent much of Friday night’s game between the Wizards and the Chicago Bulls trash talking with the President of the United States. And you thought he was cute before.

Oh, you want to hear about actual politics? No, I know you don’t, so I should probably mention that this morning, Michael Steele called the Rush Limbaugh brouhaha a “sideshow distraction” and the Democrats cooked the whole thing up months ago when they realized that Rush Limbaugh has worse popularity numbers than Dubya (or Jeremiah Wright) and that Limbaugh was likely to stumble right into their trap. Which he did, followed by the entire Republican establishment! And while we’re talking sideshow train wrecks, the National Enquirier is reporting that John Edwards has told Elizabeth that he really did knock up his mistress, Rielle Hunter, which is a truth I pretty much figured out last summer when I put together a time line of events related to Rielle.

Fine, real talk. Iran has pretty much told us to fuck off again because we’re not willing to disavow the established nation of Israel; moderate and conservative Democrats aren’t actually keen on the idea of spending even more money and raising rich people’s taxes, and the same Republicans who thought it was a great idea to eliminate the minority party’s ability to filibuster judicial nominees a couple years ago now plan to… filibuster the new President’s judicial nominees. Also, Obama has finally started “consultations” on eliminating the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, Norm Coleman wants to get a new election and Obama has declared March Women’s History Month.

As for Brad Pitt, the movie star is going to be meeting with Nancy Pelosi today, which is way more interesting and honorable than Pelosi’s bow to the demands of the NRA yesterday.

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