The Bachelorette's Romantic Covid Hometowns Episode at the La Quinta

The Bachelorette's Romantic Covid Hometowns Episode at the La Quinta
Screenshot:ABC/The Bachelorette (Fair Use)

It’s Hometowns week on The Bachelorette, except, well, not really, because a pesky global pandemic rages on, and the only way Tayshia Adams can meet the families of the remaining men (Ben, Zac C., Ivan and Brendan) is to test them for covid-19 and bring them to the La Quinta Resort in La Quinta, CA, where the entire season has taken place. And so, ABC did just that. First up, the impeccably dressed, Milford, MA native Brendan, recipient of Adams’ first one-on-one date, and now, the man whose family she will meet first. Their date is a makeshift carnival, joined by Brendan’s tweenage niece Aliyah. It’s cute! He’s cute! If she doesn’t pick him, hello, I am here, sir.

At night, Brendan introduces Tayshia to his brother and his wife—it’s clear that Tayshia and Brendan have bonded over their past divorces and their desire for a healthy relationship in the future. After saying goodbye, Tayshia speaks directly to the camera and reveals that she could see Brendan as her husband.

The following day, it’s Zac C.’s turn. He takes Tayshia on a makeshift New York City date—they run around in a cardboard yellow cab, stopping for bagels, eating pizza, and sitting “in a park” “by the Hudson River.” At night, Zac introduces her to his parents and brother, and his bro takes no prisoners—he asks Tayshia about her other relationships; she reassures him that she is falling for Zac. Conversely, his parents appreciate that Tayshia has shown Zac he can have a family if he wants one; his dad says, “I can’t be happier than I am sitting here looking at you two.” Everyone cries (or just me?).

Next up: Ivan. He decides to teach Tayshia how to make lumpia, celebrating his Filipino identity, using a cooking tutorial filmed by his four-year-old niece Kehlani. At night, both of Ivan’s parents show up, including his father, who has a lot of health issues but is dedicated to meeting Tayshia. His parents seem way more realistic than anyone else’s—they like her, they see a connection, but they’re skeptical of the process. (It has only been six weeks, after all.) In the final moments, Ivan’s brother Gabriel shows up as a surprise, and everyone actually does cry. Good surprise, 10/10.

The final “hometown” date is with Ben, formerly my frontrunner contestant, who simply doesn’t seem like he’s in it as much anymore. Though he is from Indiana, he takes Tayshia on a Venice Beach-inspired date, rollerblading along “the boardwalk,” stopping by a juice bar for wellness shots, and going for a dip in the pool. At night, Tayshia meets Ben’s sister Madeline and his family friend, Food Network chef Antonia Lofaso. Lofaso helps Ben realize, hello, he’s in love—but he’s unable to tell Tayshia, and at the rose ceremony, it costs him the relationship.

Three men remain: Brendan, Ivan, and Zac C. Next week, in a two-part, two-day finale, they’ll meet Tayshia’s family, stay in the fantasy suite with her, and, if everything goes according to plan, someone’s getting engaged.

Until then, Bachelor Nation! It’s finally getting good.

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