The Baldwin Men Just Can't Not Comment on Ireland Baldwin's Butt Photo

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The Baldwin Men Just Can't Not Comment on Ireland Baldwin's Butt Photo

If you’re a dad (I assume you are) and you decide to follow your 23-year-old model daughter on Instagram, maybe you…don’t…have to comment if she posts a photo that shows her butt? Because it’s weird as hell?

Ireland Baldwin did what I would do if I had her butt, which was put it outside on a balcony, photograph it, then put it on Instagram. All very chill, until your father, Alec, decides to comment.

“I’m sorry. What?” he wrote, for reasons that are unclear. Next up in the Baldwin family to share his opinion was Uncle Billy, who went with the infinitely creepy “Tough one for Uncle Billy to ‘like.’ #awkward.” Then he added a heart.

I’m not even part of this family and this makes me want to put myself in a shipping container destined for the Arctic. To the Baldwin Men: She’s not weird! You’re weird!!


Mariah Carey is absolutely not going to fuck with the FaceApp.

I’m with her, since she probably also knows that: A) downloading it means having the rights to your face sold to the Russian government, and B) everyone knows the only real way to glimpse your future senescent self is to take a tab of acid, wait an hour, then go take a look in a bathroom mirror. Please note that this option is not for the faint of heart.

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