The Best Books We’re Getting and Gifting This Holiday Season

From a book about the female body to a novel about a climate catastrophe these books are all, as the kids say, certified bangers.

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For the tech skeptics

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For the tech skeptics
Photo: Macmillan Publishers

Please Report Your Bug Here, by Josh Reidel, gives its protagonist—in his 20s, working an unfulfilling tech job, desperate for connection but not sure how to find it — something meaningful (or at least diverting) to focus on when he discovers a mysterious glitch in the app he’s meant to be improving. At first, it’s just that, a mystery, but as he begins sniffing around and meeting other people who may or may not have information that will help him figure out what’s going on, the book becomes a larger conversation about people, our relationships, and how tech and money distort both.

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