The Best Met Gala 'Moments' of André Leon Talley Interviewing Celebs


On Monday night, from a stool perched on the edge of the Red Carpet, André Leon Talley interviewed celebrities walking into the Met Gala for Vogue. I’m sorry, scratch that, he said things like, “Chinese China China China” to them.

These videos, kindly supplied by the team at Vogue in what we can assume was a flash of brilliance/insanity, indicate that André was fully himself last night, doing what he does best: living in the Now, and celebrating China!

He asked multiple people (J.Lo, Kristin Wiig—who laughed and said “That’s your question?”), “Do you like Chinese food?” Cher responded, “Is what what we’re getting?” André: “No, just wondering.”

For Sofia Vergara, he switched it up a bit. “Do you ever just splurge and binge on Chinese takeaway?” Answer: Yes! But she regrets it because it makes her bloated. This prompted André to respond, “Chinese China China China.”

To Justin Bieber and Oliver Rousteing: “Wow, China. You look great.”

He called Madonna, “The high goddess of everything, of sex.” (For her part, Madonna pointed out that she was “working a cape” because “capes cannot keep me down.”)

As Hilton Als discusses in White Girls, André loves “moments” and the Met Ball was no exception. He told Rihanna to “drink the moment.”

And to Kim Kardashian: “The moment. The moment is there.” Then, without skipping a beat, as she and Kanye West walked away, he addressed Kim’s husband for the first time: “Heyyyy Mr. Kanye.”

Screenshot via Vogue

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