The Best Pride Month Content So Far, From the Funny to the Cringe

We're finding ways to laugh (a good laugh; a cathartic laugh; a look-at-these-idiot-bigots laugh) at all the pride content we're getting this month.


Pride Crispy

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Sure, I love that Noodles & Company—a fast-casual establishment I frequented a lot as a 17-year-old—is celebrating pride. I also absolutely think that they can manage more than the $30,000 donation they mention in their caption but whatever. My main issue is that I can’t help but have some notes on the name of their rainbow rice crispy treat: Pride Crispy. It just feels like it could have gone through one more round of pitches and landed on something a bit more evocative or fun. Feels about as half-assed as $30,000.

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