The Biggest Fight Yet On Jersey Shore


On last night’s episode, we got to see the continuation of the girlfight that began after the credits rolled last week. Sammi went after Jenni; Ronnie went after Vinny; Snooki went after Ronnie—yet somehow Angelina escaped unscathed.

And then after things calmed down, Jenni went after Ronnie.

Ronnie really came off looking like a gaping asshole, attacking everyone (except Sam) as a way to deflect any blame for secret sluttiness, which was essentially at the core of this fight. But repeatedly acting out of line might have a lot to do with the ones he’s been snorting (allegedly).

And Sammi has pretty much obliterated her whole “sweetheart” nickname—not because she threw some punches, but because she relished in it afterward. And honestly, it’s really much more impressive that someone is able to call out sick from work—without getting fired—because they broke some nails, instead of being a trooper and showing up to work with only seven of them.

And Jenni was right about having the last laugh. Sam does look like an idiot, and not even because she’s still with Ron—despite new information of his cheating ways being revealed—but because she attacked and discarded her only two real friends in the house because they did what she had been begging of everyone: Let her know exactly what kind of coke whore her boyfriend is. (And don’t even get me started on Angelina. I’ll delight in skewering her hypocritical, slut-shaming ass for the next episode.)

But most of all, Jenni has the last laugh because she “wisely” chooses to spend her time with Snooki, who is nice and fun and when she’s says she’s “done” with her asshole boyfriend, she means it.

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