The CW Cancels 'H8R'


The show that brought us the woman who actively hates Kim Kardashian’s ass and made Snooki win over the entire extended family of a judgmental dude has been canceled. But why? It would seem like the possibilities are endless for a show whose premise is to unite celebrities and regular folk who have a passionate distaste for them. It could have been a lack of actual celebrities willing to participate on the show, considering how 25% of their celebrity guests so far were part of the Kardashian Klan. Or, as we saw with Scott Disick, the possibility that the famous person partaking in the show will come off looking much worse than when the episode started.

The show will be replaced by Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Ringer starting next week. So hold on one second, here: does this mean the upcoming episode featuring Levi Johnston and Janice Dickinson will never see the light of day? How unfortunate! I would have continued to watch — which is not something I can say about Ringer. I suppose I could always carry on the tradition of H8R by just walking up to famous people I dislike on my own, but telling off Whitney Cummings about her awful comedy series that stole my first name without Mario Lopez and a camera crew hardly seems as gratifying.

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