The Daily Show Lampoons Jeb Bush's Iraq War Tapdance


This week Jeb Bush forgot that when you’re running for president, even secretly, you must distance yourself from the last guy’s mistakes, even if that guy’s your brother whose name is George and his mistake was invading Iraq. On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart tackled Jeb (pronounced Heb) and his struggles in the best way, by using pull quotes.

It all started when Fox News’ Megyn Kelly asked Jeb if he’d have begun the Iraq war “knowing what we know now.” Jeb dodged the question a bit, answered “yes” and then spent the rest of the week talking around the same question because the Americans he met on his non-campaign trail (you know, the type of travel plan you have when you haven’t officially announced your presidential candidacy yet) weren’t clear on his answer.

During one speech he said “I admired the men and women, mostly men, that made the ultimate sacrifice.”


Elsewhere he responded “Is that your question?” to a woman who said that his brother basically created Isis.


I don’t know about you but this whole Bush v. Clinton election season is making me tired, it’s already not worth all of the bad Hillary jokes I have to endure.

Image via The Daily Show.

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