The Daily Show Takes on Beyoncé's Viral Marketing Elevator Hoax


In a segment called “A Roc Nation in Crisis: Trouble in Beyadise,” The Daily Show tackled everyone’s favorite story about an nasty fight in a confined space.

“It’s been terrible times for the news media,” Stewart said in his introduction to the piece. “It all seemed so hopeless. And then….a miracle.” Stewart then goes on to offer commentary about the wild media speculation about what caused the incident. “Infidelity plus insobriety combined with the powerful g-forces of vertical descent. A dangerous cocktail.”

Jessica Williams also offered her take. “That so-called ‘security cam’ footage is nothing but another brilliant Queen Bey viral marketing campaign,” said The Daily Show’s senior Beyoncé correspondent. She had probably the best theory and explanation for why the video is a hoax. “It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing—Yoncé is never not moving,” she said. “If this were real…she’d be like a Ninja Turtle meets a Rockette, John. It’d be physically out of control.”

I’m sold!

The Daily Show
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