The 'Dirty Girls' Grow Up, Stay Badass in Jungles of Bitches

The Dirty Girls, of ’90s teenage badass and viral video fame, have grown up and are nowworking on a “collaborative based platform to expose awesome women and set a standard for courageous living.” In their new video, “JUNGLES OF BITCHES” (!!!!) they prove that disaffected feminist teens may grow up to be earth-ruling “motobabes.”

The video’s plugging a collaboration with AGAIN APPAREL; the two have teamed up to create a jumpsuit for riding around on your motorcycle with your best girlfriends and intimidating everyone with your interminably toughass aura. (What else are jumpsuits even for?) I fucking hate both driving and cars, and this jumpsuit makes me want to join a girl gang and buy some sort of powerful whip to compliment their Brat—maybe a ’70s Jeep even a late-’90s Humvee. Something all-terrain. Most of all, though, I just wanna hang out with the Dirty Girls and talk about art (the print on the jumpsuit is by the visual artist Max Hooper Schneider), and listen to the comedian Morgan Murphy do Kathy Acker-style feminist spoken word. She narrates the video wearing an epic poncho: “These bitches punk, kick, slash, stab, and shoot. These bitches only wear the freshest jumpsuit.” PREACH, MORGAN MURPHY.

In “Jungles of Bitches,” directed by Sayer Danforth and written by Amber Willat, the Dirty Girls Project power posse (including Willat, an Original Dirty Girl) shoot off fireworks and do a little choreography, too; the video also makes a case for dubstep wobble to never be used again in a context that is not badd bitches acting badd. Bye, brostep, this is bitchstep. (The track is Amon Tobin’s “Bedtime Stories.”) The new project’s official website launches later this month; until then, maybe we should all get a group tattoo that says “Jungles of Bitches” to show our allegiances to one another? No?

Images via screenshot and Dirty Girls Project Instagram.

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