The Fast and the Furious Director Rob Cohen Accused of Sexual Assault

The Fast and the Furious Director Rob Cohen Accused of Sexual Assault
Image: (via AP)

Rob Cohen, a director, producer, and screenwriter whose credits include the first Fast and the Furious film and xXx, has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman while she was unconscious.

According to the Huffington Post, a then 28-year-old woman says she met with Cohen in 2015, presumably to discuss collaborating on a TV pilot. The woman, who is identified only as “Jane,” says Cohen flirted with her, and talked about his sex life, which made her uneasy. She also says he plied her with alcohol, so much so that she eventually lost consciousness:

Although Jane’s memory of the later parts of the evening is incomplete, there are details she remembers vividly. She remembers feeling suddenly alone with Cohen in the large restaurant after the other diners had trickled out. She remembers starting to feel “fuzzy.” She remembers him leaning over to kiss her cheek and thinking that was strange. She remembers being at another bar with Cohen — she distinctly remembers the checkerboard-patterned floor.
The next thing she remembers is waking up naked, she said. She remembers Cohen’s face in her crotch and his fingers inside her. She had not consented to any of this.
She made her way to the bathroom to vomit and stumbled back to the bed. Cohen tried to penetrate her, but he stopped when she told him to, she said.

Jane says she sought treatment for sexual assault following the incident. Several people say she confided in them about the alleged sexual assault at the time.

Earlier this year, Cohen’s daughter, Valkyrie Weather, publicly accused him of molesting her when she was a child, an allegation Weather’s mother had cited in earlier divorce proceedings.

Cohen denies both Weather’s accusation and Jane’s; his attorney accused HuffPost of “publishing this Story in an effort to feed the ‘Me Too’ media frenzy with this salacious Story” in a 13-page letter refuting the assault charges.

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