The Final Girls Trailer Makes Horror Look Fun


With the recent onslaught of haunted house/murderous family movies (I like them, but there’s way too many), The Final Girls, an upcoming horror-comedy directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, will be an interesting, and welcome change. American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga plays Max, a teenager who, along with some pals, attends a screening of an 80s slasher flick called “Camp Bloodbath,” which starred her late mother, played by Malin Akerman. Max and her friends find themselves in an alternate dimension where they became part of the movie and have to figure out how to survive, using their knowledge of horror movie tropes. Very Scream-esque!

Last year, Strauss-Schulson described it as “Pleasantville in a trashy horror movie from the ’80s with a little Back To The Future thrown in and a spoon full of Terms Of Endearment with a dash of Scream and two dollops of Purple Rose Of Cairo for good measure.” Max’s friends include Alia Shawkat, Nina Dobrev, Alexander Ludwig and Thomas Middleditch, according to Screenrant. Workaholics’ Adam DeVine also stars as a horny camper.

Fun fact for any Teen Witch aficionados out there. The film was co-written by Joshua John Miller, who played Louise’s annoying little brother Richie. He was also in the highly underrated, Kathryn Bigelow-directed vampire film, Near Dark.

The Final Girls will be out in theaters this October.

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