The First Webpage Went Live 25 Years Ago, and the Internet Has Been Going Downhill Ever Since

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25 years ago this week, the internet’s first webpage went live. Created by Tim Berners-Lee, it was essentially “an explanation of how the hypertext-based project worked.” Engadget has images of what the page, entitled “Welcome to the Universe of Hypertext,” looked like at the time.

Black text on a white background. That’s it.

But oh, how webpages have changed in the years since. Black and white has gone full-color, text is now accompanied by images and video, and creating a new URL to be immediately indexed by Google is as simple as sending a tweet.

Celebrate 25 years of devolving content by comparing the internet of old to some pages I’ve seen on the World Wide Web today:

There was this tweet:

This resolution to a feud nearly as old as the World Wide Web:

An update on the country’s biggest romance:

An update on a man who’s somehow lower than Z-list:

Video content about two human question marks:

International news:

This relatable moment:

Inspirational content:

Instagram content:

And this truly inexplicable content:

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Images via screengrab.

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