The Hobbit Was a 'Death Trap' For Animals

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So, this is the worst! Up to 27 animals died in their farm facility during the making of The Hobbit trilogy, which the wranglers involved in the production claim was “a death trap.” Although the American Humane Association says no animals were harmed during the actual filming, they acknowledge that the wranglers’ complaints highlight a blind spot in their ability to police the actual set, but not the areas where the animals are kept.

The horse grounds were sprinkled with “bluffs, sinkholes and broken-down fencing,” on which horses broke their backs, cut their legs, fell into streams and had digestive problems. A spokesman for director Peter Jackson has acknowledged that the deaths of two horses, in particular, were avoidable and conditions were improved immediately afterwards. PETA is now planning protests at The Hobbit premieres in New Zealand, America and the U.K. Goddamn fucking hobbits. [CBS News]

After a tumultuous dinner date last week that ended with Selena Gomez reportedly storming off, it looks like maybe, possibly, she and professional swag-nugget Justin Bieber might be back together. Although Gomez wasn’t in attendance at the 2012 American Music Awards—to which Bieber took his mom Pattie Mallette, Gomez came to the AMA afterparty with him and they may have HELD HANDS (?!?!?!) while leaving the Nokia Theater. There is also one drunken tweet from Jenny McCarthy. Be cool, Jen. [E!]

Rupert Sanders will not be directing the Snow White & The Huntsman sequel. [Radar Online]

Cameron Diaz says that going nude or scantily clad for photographs and certain movie scenes is empowering for her: “I’m not some young girl with the photographer going, ‘Will you take your clothes off?’ I’m like [mimes stripping], ‘How does this look?’ They’re like, ‘Today we’re not going to put anything other than bras and heels on you,’ and I’m like, ‘These heels are not high enough.’ I’m a woman, I know how to handle myself. I know what I feel comfortable doing and I know my sexuality… I think every woman does want to be objectified. There’s a little part of you at all times that hopes to be somewhat objectified, and I think it’s healthy.” []

Just a few days after taking someone to task for bringing up Twinkies at a meeting (“I’m on Saturday Night Live enough”) Chris Christie actually was on Saturday Night Live. He talked about how his infamous “Governor” fleece is fused to his skin. [NYDN]

  • Kid Cudi loses a custody case for his daughter. [TMZ]
  • Nicolas Cage is still working on paying that tax lien. [TMZ]
  • Looks like Harry Styles might be John Mayer-ing Taylor Swift. 😐 [Entertainmentwise]
  • And Tay-Tay is getting death threats from One Direction fans. [Daily Mail]
  • Mila [Kunis] is such a nice girl and extremely down-to-earth. Everyone on Ashton [Kutcher]’s team is happy for them. She is very laid back and low maintenance. Her favorite coat is from H&M and she doesn’t take herself too seriously.” —Ashmi’s friends are happy. [NDTV]
  • The Rihanna plane has gone the way of General Kurtz in Heart of Darkness. THE HORROR. [Gawker]
  • AND it’s already racked up $400,000 in fines for Ri-Ri. [Monsters and Critics]
  • The Situation keeps it classy.


  • “I was born to be a houseboy,” quoth Tim Gunn. [Entertainment Tonight]
  • Meryl Streep has lost one of her penthouses in Hurricane Sandy, a building that Gwyneth Paltrow also lives in and one in which a parking attendant died during the storm. [NYDN]
  • This is the full Katt Williams meltdown in Oakland. [Bossip]
  • Miley Cyrus has a “girl crush” (cringe! that expression) on Kristen Stewart. [Entertainmentwise]
  • Bradley Cooper is totally way better at speaking French when he drinks (but he’s a teetotaler, so). []
  • Katie Holmes is a shit cook. [Us Weekly]
  • And here she is closing her eyes on the subway with Suri. The Make Katie Holmes Likeable Once Again campaign continues with gusto. [Radar Online]
  • Salma Hayek cried before doing her nude scene in 1992’s Desperado. []
  • Scarlett Johansson had a mysterious romantic dinner with some dude. [Page Six]
  • Jessica Simpson’s done with Weight Watchers and I guess lost 60 lbs. [People]
  • YAY, Page Six blind items are back!! Take your shot! [Page Six]
  • Courteney Cox in a bikini. [Daily Mail]
  • BF/GF Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst had dinner and kissed on the street and stuff. [Daily Mail]
  • At Moves magazine’s Power Women Awards Gala, Andie MacDowell had advice for the Lohans and Bynes’ of the world: “Get some therapy! It’ll get rid of The Crazy. Fame is a fantasy. It’s not real, it’s not important. You become famous, you get money and then you shine the spotlight on those who need it, that’s the trick.” At the same event, Susan Sarandon says: “I don’t think you have to self-destruct to be good.” [NYDN]
  • If two Kardashians went jogging in full hair and makeup, and nobody cares, did it really happen? [Radar Online]
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