The Masked Singer: Who Is the Woman in Yellow?


The Masked Singer is barely organized chaos. There is not much more to say than the series’ third episode, which was guest-judged by a particularly caustic Joel McHale, but there is much to see (Nick Cannon’s turban! Jenny McCarthy’s Nomi Malone hands! Nicole Scherzinger’s every move!). Highlights in this week’s montage above.

I would like to, just for five seconds, direct your eyes, thoughts, and prayers to the woman in yellow. If you watched last week’s Montage of Hell, you saw that I looped her apparently hysterical reaction to a particularly tepid joke told by Ken Jeong. That same reaction shot was used in the show’s own clips package that kicked off this week’s episode and then I saw her multiple times in the crowd during this week’s episode, generally having the time of her life.

So who is she? You in the yellow, WHO ARE YOU??? And why does she love this show so much? And why is she me? And why do I feel like I’m about to be pulled on a wild goose chase in search of her identity and will eventually find out that because she seems to love this show exactly how much I do, she is in fact literally me and the world is one big simulation being controlled by David Lynch?

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