The Media's Many Obama/Osama Screwups


Fox News’s misspelled headline — “Obama Bin Laden Dead” — has already become internet-infamous. But they weren’t the only ones to make this mistake — below, a roundup of Obama-for-Osama typos.

Keith Olbermann

In point of fact, Mr. Bush personally de-prioritized the hunt for Obama, said himself he didn’t worry about him.

Mark Knoller of CBS

Via Twitter,

Surprised if Hollywood types not up late putting together deals for a movie on the ‘Raid on Obama.’

FOX San Diego

President Obama is in fact dead.

U.S. stocks opened in positive territory Monday on news that U.S. forces killed al-Qaida leader Obama bin Laden. (Providence, RI)

A former commander of the Rhode Island National Guard reacted to the news of Obama bin Laden’s death with “elation” but says the United States cannot afford to let up in its defense against terrorism.

Jim Harper, Cato@Liberty

Obama bin Laden’s survival helped shore up the mystique of the terrorist supervillain, which has fed counterterrorism excess such as the Transportation Security Administration’s domestic airport security gauntlet. Now that bin Laden is gone, the public will be more willing to carefully balance security and privacy in our free country.

AGI News (Italy)

Victory of good over evil,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini, after Obama bin Laden’s killing.

AP, via

Photo caption:

Crowds climb trees and celebrate in Lafayette Park early Monday, May 2, 2011, in front of the White House in Washington after President Barack Obama announced that Obama bin Laden had been killed.

The sheer plethora of these doesn’t really excuse any one of them, and although it’s easy to transpose a letter, both Obama and Osama bin Laden have been around for a long time. Writes Tommy Christopher of Mediaite,

I can’t be certain, but I don’t think I’ve ever let one slip out, although I have had to correct many an “Obasma” or “Obsama” in my years as a political journalist. I can also confess to having actually rehearsed against such a gaffe before radio appearances. “Osama bin Laden. Barack Obama.”

Major media outlets have had plenty of time to practice — and plenty of time to reflect on the fact that any big news about Obama or bin Laden might be worth an extra spellcheck. However, Fox News appears to have gone the other way. When in doubt, just change Osama to Usama and misspell everything else instead.

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