The Morning People at GMA Are Afraid of the Morning People at Today


The newest ratings for Today, a show I have on most mornings because it is fine, are panicking the folks behind Good Morning America, a show I do not watch because it is bad.

Though ABC’s GMA has been the highest rated morning show on television for some time, Today has recently been inching closer and closer to their numbers. And, reports Page Six, the news has all of GMA “in a tizzy.”

An inside source told me, “It’s causing panic and nervousness at ABC. The result is ‘GMA’ is having more live guests, and the staff is working longer hours.”
“The viewers have softened to Savannah, and they don’t seem to be angry at Matt anymore,” Marc Berman, of TV Media Insights, told me. “Right now, it’s very close.”

Today has the charming self-awareness of Tamron, Al, and Willie. Today has the absurd and comforting friendship between Kathie Lee and Hoda. Today has the sexual tension between, and then utter disgust, and then sexual tension of Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie.

GMA has George Stephanopoulos. Stay nervous ABC.

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