The New CHVRCHES Single Is a Blissful Addition To Your Summer Playlist


CHVRCHES have released the first single from Every Open Eye, the follow-up to their 2013 debut The Bones of What You Believe. “Leave A Trace” suggests they haven’t evolved much in two years, but that’s fine with me. Keep doing the same thing, CHVRCHES! Do it forever and leave me bobbing happily for the rest of time.

The track is a solid reintroduction to the group, as well as a reminder of just how perfectly Lauren Mayberry’s vocals compliment the group’s blissful and immediately identifiable brand of synthpop. “I know I need to feel released,” she repeats during the chorus. In the blistering heat of mid-summer when you’re desperate to be chill in every sense of the word, “Leave a Trace” track is bound to bring you all the release you need.

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