The New Warby Parkers Will Have You Running from the Paparazzi in No Time


It’s obvious that you’re what’s hot right now. Producers blowing up your phone, agents fighting over you (publicly, too; how embarrassing — for them), maître d’s practically mauling themselves on strategically-placed fici (plural of ficus) to get you the best table at restaurants with the word “bungalow” in their names. And all those texts from Famous Serial Dater/Oscar Nominee? Sooooo annoying. You’re a serious artiste (you wear glasses, even!), not a flavor-of-the-month starlet.

Or are you?

Brush up on your paparazzi-dodging skills, the new Warby Parker Hayworth collection are here. Frames give a nod to Old Hollywood with a plot twist: sleek Titanium temple arms. A sampling from the new collection is above — head here to order yourself a pair!

The Edgeworth in English Oak: perfect for muses, sirens, and sexy librarians.

The Edgeworth sunglasses in English Oak: wear these to The Grove, and you may cause a near stampede.

The Edgeworth in Striped Sassafras: for the spunky ingénue in all of us.

The Edgeworth sunglasses in Striped Sassafras: for taking meetings on gabled verandahs.

The Neville in Blue Marblewood: fresh from the writers’ room.

The Neville sunglasses in Blue Marblewood: to be worn in foreign-made convertibles.

The Neville in Sugar Maple: yes, I’m ready for that publicity shot.

The Neville sunglasses in Sugar Maple: best for camouflaging high-wattage starpower while running errands on Fountain.

Are you ready for your close-up? Get glamorous with the new Hayworth line from the one and only Warby Parker. Your table at Chateau Marmont is waiting.

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