The Night Belongs To Mr. Locke


God, I really miss Lost. It just provided some direction in my week, you know? I always knew how Wednesday night and all-day Thursday (the aftermath) were going to be like. I’ve been drifting ever since, lost in a sea of meh television dramas.

Oh. Sorry. ANYHOW. Happy 59th birthday to Terry O’Quinn! It’s also Diane Kruger and David Silver’s birthdays, so let’s just toast them all, shall we?

And on another nostalgic note: In the several hours since we saw Chris Brown’s mind-bogglingly attended and auto-tuned performance this morning, SWV’s “Right Here” — which “She Ain’t You” borrows quite heavily from — it’s been quite clear that SWV deserves some well-deserved love.

Have a great weekend!

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