The One With Bloomberg—Yet Another Democratic Debate Liveblog

The One With Bloomberg—Yet Another Democratic Debate Liveblog

How many debates is too many? In 2015 the Democratic National Committee concluded six to be a “reasonable number,” enough to give candidates ample airing without diverting from the party’s bylaws. Yet there’s nothing reasonable about this year’s all-out Democratic brawl, egged on by a constant drumbeat of debates, which have now ballooned to 12; six are crammed in the first quarter of 2020. All of which leaves room for, say, a well-connected billionaire to sit out the early battles and emerge, Hunger Games-style, to plow through a handful of tributes for an easy District One victory! I digress.

At least the introduction of Mike Bloomberg makes for a change of scenery and, potentially, an exciting new element. Maybe Tom Steyer and Bloomberg will attempt to bury each other alive in piles of cash. Perhaps Joe Biden will challenge Bloomberg to a quiz of factoids about best bud Barack. Will everyone ignore Mike and pile onto Bernie Sanders, who is now firmly the front runner? Remember Elizabeth Warren? I do. Nothing like a night of chaos to trigger everyone’s favorite narrative: the comeback.

It may be many things, but it probably won’t be boring? Join us as we blog away the pain.

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