The Only Weed Gift Guide You Need

Let's spread some holiday cheer by rolling a j and buying your friend a cute little glass pipe.

Gift Guide
The Only Weed Gift Guide You Need

We’ll just get right into it: We’re all in need of getting high as hell these days, and sometimes you want to do so with cool shit. So, whether you want to buy yourself some weed accouterments this holiday season or snag something for a friend, we’ve rounded up the prettiest, most practical, and most fun weed gifts we could find.

The pretty

Yew Yew Sunset Bong


The first time I got stoned was with a bong, specifically while studying abroad in London a decade ago. I don’t remember how it looked, exactly, but this was college, so I’m sure it was big, cheap, and ugly. If you’re partial to bongs but yours is still better-suited to a Freshman dorm room with a Pulp Fiction poster on the wall than your current abode, may I suggest the Sunset Bong ($140) from Yew Yew? It’s beautiful, for starters, and it’s nice enough to display as home decor. No more hiding your paraphernalia during a Zoom meeting or when your judgemental family members visit. You can even put flowers in the damn thing so it doubles as a vase when not in use. The bong comes in teal and amber and refuses to stay in stock, so put this on your wishlist ASAP.

Laundry Day’s Charlotte Pipe


If you like to smoke solo and really don’t want to overdo it, the Charlotte Pipe ($45) by Laundry Day might be the move. Use it as a one hitter or pack a small bowl for a low-key smoke session. It’s small, slender, discreet, and comes in nine different colors. For a cleaner smoking experience, Laundry Day also sells mesh filters for $5.

Barbari’s herbal blends


Indie brand Barbari specializes in curated organic food-grade herbal blends to use however you like, whether with tea, as incense, or for smoking. For the purposes of this post, we’re suggesting you mix it with your pot for a little something extra during your smoke sessions. The Barbari Smoking Blends Mini Trio Pack ($35) is a nice way to try several different combinations and see which one moves you. Airplane Mode features rose, lavender, sage, blue lotus, raspberry leaf; Car Sex features dagga, mullein, white sage, and raspberry leaf; and Muse features jasmine, peppermint, sage, raspberry leaf.

Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers

Image:Blazy Susan

A friend of mine swears by Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers ($1.99), not only because they get the job done and are good quality, but because the color is incredible. If you hate rolling joints, Blazy Susan also sells pre-rolled joint cones in bulk: 50 for $22.99!

ChaCha Chainz Glass Holders

Image:Elevate Jane

If you want to feel a little classier while smokin’ a joint—or you just hate your fingers smelling like weed—check out the ChaCha Chainz Glass Holder ($29) at Elevate Jane. The glass is curved to perfectly fit between your fingers, and they come in several different colors as well. Available in two sizes.

Yew Yew Triangle Pipe

Image:Yew Yew

For beginners in the wide world of weed who want to smoke out of something that looks nice and does the job, I recommend Yew Yew Triangle Pipe ($55). It fits easily in your hand, it’s easy to clean, and it packs about seven hits, so you can use it solo or with others. It comes in a few different colors too, so if pink isn’t your thing, you can cop it in teal, amber, and mint green.

Blue Dream Dried Smokable Bouquet

Photo:Lovepot (Other)

Getting flowers is objectively great, but getting ones you can smoke? Even better. These, by Lovepot ($88), are gorgeous and made of “smokable CBD hemp,” which the brand says “can be dried to enjoy later as a tea, herbal smoke blend, or for an aromatherapy herbal bath.” A multi-tasking legend!!!

The practical

Screenshot:Veil (Other)

Listen, if your weed pal doesn’t want to fuck around, just go buck wild and get them a Volcano, which is extraordinarily efficient. Pair the gift of a clean high with Veil ($19), the only room spray that I’ve ever used that effectively covers the reek of weed by simply replacing it with something that smells akin to a Christmas potpourri ball. Better than lighting 10 sticks of nag champa and hoping for the best! For the dedicated joint gal, a nice rolling tray is fun, but what’s evenmore fun is this ridiculous six shooter ($13.98), which lets you make six joints at a time by just loading the thing, putting the lid on, and banging it on a hard surface. Fun for the whole family!

Keep your weed somewhere that isn’t a jar that screams 420 SUBLIME SMOKE ME DADDY. This vintage ginger jar ($20) looks nice and, if you’d like to lean into a fun ‘70s-mom-who-calls-it-grass moment, there’s also this jar ($11), which does not quite conceal the product in question, but that’s part of the fun. These jars, a lil set of two for $35, offer the opportunity for you to divvy up your goods with “happy” and “sleep” labels so you don’t accidentally smoke yourself into the wrong vibe.

Alternatively, and a good option to go with the Veil room spray, is a smell-proof stash jar. We like this one from HerbGuard ($31.99). Sure, it’s not exactly sexy-looking, but it keeps your room smelling more like you and less like your dad’s friend who dresses like Hunter S. Thompson.

The fun ; )

Roast and Toast cereal bowl

Photo:Friends NYC (Fair Use)

Everyone’s personal snack journey is unique, but a thoughtful gift for your nice weed pal might be to assemble a snack box. Depending on your level of laziness, you can select from a plethora of weed subscription boxes that are out there now. This one, from Lucky Box Club ($149), is a bit bougie, but it comes with an abundance of product that’s usually worth far more than the box costs. If you’re more into the DIY approach, we’d recommend snagging this ceramic pipe-that-doubles-as-art by Debbie Carlos ($80), these cute as hell matches that look like little ladies ($4.99), and maybe this Roast and Toast cereal bowl ($19.99) that lets you enjoy your Lucky Charms AND get baked with just one device.

If you find yourself with an abundance of flower and would much rather eat it than smoke it, make some edibles! This cookbook, Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen ($17.96), is alarmingly easy to follow and has loads of easy recipes that aren’t just cookies or brownies because why throw your weed into a batter when you can make it into a mac-n-cheese bite?

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