The Original Twerk Team: Miley Cyrus Twerking Is Not Our Twerking

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The Twerk Team, the sister act of Lady Luscious and Mizz Twerksum, are online sensations who have taught a generation to Twerk through their YouTube videos. When asked if they feel Miley has stolen or otherwise tarnished their sunshine by rubbing herself all over twerking, they said:

“We don’t feel any way about it but I feel like people want us to. Our whole movement is about girl power, so if you’re black, white or Asian you can twerk. But Miley Cyrus twerking is not our twerking. She’s just a fan who is showing it to a whole different ethnic group, you have to give her her props for that.”

They went on to say that “[y]ou can’t mention twerk without the official Twerk Team. Our shows were good before Miley Cyrus said anything about Twerk.” Which, true. [Madame Noire]

_ONTD _got a sneak peek at next week’s Dancing With the Stars song list, and saw that **Elizabeth Berkley is performing to I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters! **AHHHH!!!!!

For the uninformed, on a season-two episode of Saved by the Bell, Berkley’s character Jesse got addicted to caffeine pills as a means to keep up with her busy school schedule and her singing group commitments. Before she is set to perform “I’m So Excited”, Zack (Mark Paul Gosselaar) discovers her pill problem and attempts to wrestle them away from her. Jesse, in a now iconic scene, wants to show her best friend that she’s just fine by trying to sing the lyrics to the song, but she eventually dissolves into hysterics admitting that she’s not so excited, she’s so scared! Watch the glorious Bell moment for yourself if you need to really feel the emotions.

I repeat: AHHHH!!! [ONTD]

Adorable. Now, pick us all up so we can go shopping and you can show us how to do eye makeup.

****James Van Der Beek**** agrees that ****Dawson Leery**** had something up his creek. (As in, was annoying) (That didn’t work and I apologize.) [Perez]

Geoffrey Rush in new The Book Thief movie poster. [ONTD]

Kristen Dunst and Isla Fisher go to the same gym. [Just Jared]

Oprah is having a garage sale EVERYTHING MUST GOOOOOO. (Uh, should we road trip to this?) [Perez]

**Meg Ryan **is coming to TV! If she’s not in love with Tom Hanks in some fucked up way, I’m about to be pissed. [Hollywood Reporter]

Some Real Housewives are in court again. (I said “again” because I feel like these ladies are always in court — is that true? Or does it just seem like they always could be in court? One or both of those things is true.) [TMZ]

10 famous people who have seen ghosts or are lying about seeing ghosts. Speaking of, anyone watch Celebrity Ghost Stories? I just watched one with George Wendt’s (NORM!) family that was freaky as hell. [Buzzfeed]

Get out there and defy gravity today, you witches.



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