The Queer Eye-Nailed It Crossover Episode Is a Perfect Gift From a Generous God


It is very transparent that Netflix is trying its darndest to get the most out of the Queer Eye hype, and I’m living for it. First, they sent our five beautiful baby boys to be crowned in their spiritual home of Yass, Australia to, now, this: a literally perfect crossover episode with another Netflix show, Nailed It, where incompetent bakers (also known as regular-ass people) bake impossibly professional cake-y items with fondant, a fake icing that looks beautiful and tastes like sandpaper.

In this episode, the members of the Fab Five, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and my fave Jonathan Van Ness, compete against one another. Except, for whatever reason, Antoni is a guest judge and doesn’t so much as touch an egg. Honestly, I think it’s a scam, another way the show further hide Anconi’s inability to cook/bake/etc. But that’s another blog. This one.

I don’t want to completely ruin the crossover for you so I’ll leave it at that, because it really is an enjoyable and endearing seven-minutes of pure entertainment. The only bummer is that I wish it were a full half-hour, because something tells me Tan can actually bake and the french chef and Karamo have a beautiful, budding friendship. More please, I’m hungry!

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