The Real Housewives of Potomac Cast Wore Lovely Reunion Gowns Worthy of a Red Wedding

The Real Housewives of Potomac Cast Wore Lovely Reunion Gowns Worthy of a Red Wedding

For the first time in recorded history, the outfits at the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 4 reunion on Sunday night were not only decent but shockingly wearable… to a wedding. Call it a miracle.

First, let’s all agree that while other Housewives franchises continue to descend into irrelevance (remember New Jersey?), the Potomac season has blossomed into the fairest of them all, of which Karen is the one and only matriarch. These women know how to argue and insult each other in group gatherings in a way that seems less forced because they genuinely hate each other and need the constant love and assurance of friendship. The cast rewarded their excellence by wearing outfits and hairdos that were pretty okay in comparison to their outfits in previous years.

As usual, this first part of the reunion was so sweet, everyone was humble, and the “housewives” had very friendly conversations, clearing up rumors and scandals while dressed in the most luxurious gowns.

Everyone wore the least gaudy white garment of their choosing, and for once, there were no bad wigs in sight, maybe because Katie Rost unfortunately did not attend. Monique, who was pregnant and mostly low-key all season, came to play in a minimal cap-sleeved dress with a metallic, gold peekaboo bra—armor to protect herself from these wenches, as Karen would say.

Karen herself brought her B- game and wore her hair in a flirty, tousled updo. It looks good!


What’s great about these dresses is how deceptive they are; on first glance, you think, oh that’s a nice dress. Then upon closer look, you see all the wrong. That’s what white does.

Ashley’s outfit, similar to the person wearing it, is doing the most, but her hair is kind of making up for it. The horizontal strap is unique, isn’t it? The sexual assault allegations against her husband Michael Darby dominated this season’s storylines, but of course Andy Cohen didn’t broach the topic until the end of the reunion. Save that drama for next week.


Gizelle chose a lace jumpsuit that I think looks better on TV than in a picture. It’s the comfortable reception outfit that allows you to drop dangerously low to the floor in peace.

But I have to give it up to Candiace, who gets best dressed again this year. The feather construction on her reunion wedding dress is the perfect shield for shade. To which I say: I do.

Ashley and Gizelle made great points about Candiace; her comments about Ashley’s miscarriage both during taping and at the reunion (that Ashley was using her miscarriage for attention) did border on nasty. And Candiace’s refusal to apologize, even though I know it’s hard to do it to do so in a room of hypocrites, shows that she hasn’t yet developed her growth chip.


Back to the outfits—Even Robyn… tried. But better luck next year.


I’ll close this chapter by giving an honorary award to Candiace’s mom Dorothy, who came to the reunion to talk about her toxic relationship with her spoiled daughter (as the women love to point out, mom owns half her house). In doing so, mom brought a prop.

Here’s a clip of Dorothy re-enacting the time she allegedly hit Candiace in the face with a purse at Candiace’s best friend’s wedding. This could’ve been a more serious incident if it weren’t so ridiculous.

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