The Real World: Chet Gets Camera Time With Pete Wentz; Farts Loudly


On last night’s episode, Chet landed an interview with Pete Wentz. To prepare, he decided to learn everything about Wentz to show off that he knows how to learn. Wentz, also a tool, loved it.

In a super serious moment, Ryan starts telling his roommates about his time spent in Iraq.

The weight of the topic is sobering.

He talks about his friend who got shot in the neck.

Which is how he died.

He talked about the constant threat of death.

Which made this guy sad.

He tells the roommates that he’s seen things he wishes he didn’t, and they feel for him.

He said that he doesn’t think about those things, that it will eat him up inside. But you can tell that as he’s sitting there, he starts thinking about those things.

Everyone is somber.

And then the camera pans to Chet, who is wearing a Chet Hat.

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