The Songs, Books, and Tiny Desk Concerts We’ve Been Listening to This Week

A regular roundup of the culture we enjoyed this week and will be dissociating to this hot summer weekend.

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Illustration: Getty Images; Vicky Leta

An impervious cloud of humidity has settled upon the Northeastern U.S., where most of our Jezebel staffers are based (though not from!). It is, to put it succinctly, fucking disgusting outside. We’ve officially reached the multiple-showers-a-day point of summer. If you aren’t able to be beachside or poolside this weekend, my wish for you is a functioning air conditioner and an ice-cold beverage (or five) of your choosing. To help make your relaxing as enjoyable as possible, we’re bringing you our weekly round-up of what we’ve been enjoying and consuming this week—from movies to music to coffee hacks.

If there’s something you’re loving these days and want to share it with us, you can comment below or email it to [email protected]. Happy weekend!

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