The Spunky White Ladies, Psychological Thrillers, and Strike Signs That Got Us Through the Week

These are our recommendations for what to check out during your downtime this weekend.

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You could spend your weekend devouring the latest updates from England on King Charles’ coronation, which kicks off in the wee hours of Saturday morning if you’re stateside—we’ll be covering it—and promises to feature swords, sausage fingers, and some sensationalized gossip. Or, you could divest from that particular news cycle and sink into the following movies, books, and strike-supporting content, which we on staff have been very much loving.

Our Jez Recs for the week lie ahead. And if you’d like to recommend something for next week’s edition, drop it in a comment here or email it to us at [email protected] with the subject line “Jez Recs.”

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