The Trouble With Lindsay

Oh, dear. Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been tweeting the demise of her relationship with Samantha Ronson, calling her a “cheat” who needs to “stop doing drugs.” Ronson has reportedly locked Lohan out of her home.

Lohan has reportedly been sending such tweets as “@jackdaniels9 look, im doing this publicly because u&ur friends call people win, you broke my heart. now go away. i loved you” and “@jackdaniels9 ask ur sister 2 stop yelling profanity plz;;stop doing drugs. and tell charlotte to do more-she could loose a stone or 10” to Ronson, according to a source who leaked the locked tweets to Perez Hilton. If it’s true, it wouldn’t be surprising; Lohan is now officially known more for her wacky antics than her acting, and is a celebrity in the vein of Paris Hilton: someone who is simply famous for being famous. It’s sad in that Lohan is talented, as anyone who watched Mean Girls could tell you, but at this point keeping up with her exploits has become exhausting: how many chances will she get before the entire universe gives up and moves on?

There is something strange about our fascination with Lohan, who hasn’t made a decent film in years: one wonders if we are more interested in her demise than in her potential recovery: yet another child star swallowed by the messy system. Perhaps it’s because we recognize Lohan’s talent, or sympathize with her insane family situation (can you imagine having “White Oprah” as your mother and a father who just blogs about you for publicity all day?) But the cycle of “Lindsay hits bottom, Lindsay’s back on track, Lindsay hits bottom, again” just keeps on going. To drop some lyrics: “It’s not getting better, man, it’s just getting old.”

In any case, I can’t help but pull for her, want her to pull her shit together. But no amount of public fascination or sympathy is going to do that for her. If Lohan wants her career back (what’s left of it) she needs to do it on her own. And with leaks from “friends” allowing her private Twitter account to be displayed on gossip pages, it might be time to cut ties with those who don’t necessarily have her best interests at heart. Whether or not Lohan’s career will bounce back is yet to be seen, but it might already be too late: perhaps the most telling comment of all comes from a Perez Hilton commenter, of all people, who notes: “Neither are celebrities so why are they on this site??”

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