The Women of Big Little Lies Are Returning…and Apparently the Man They Murdered, as Well? 


We’re officially getting a second Big Little Lies season and all your favorites will be back: Celeste, Madeline, Bonnie, and Celeste’s abusive husband who dies at the end of the first season….wait, what?

According to TVLine, Alexander Skarsgård, who won the Emmy, Golden Globe, Critic’s Choice Award, and SAG Award for his performance as the terrifying Perry Wright, will be returning to the show in its second season. And to make matters more confusing, Skarsgård previously told People that he doesn’t even know if he’s “really dead or not.”

The finale of Big Little Lies was so powerful because of the ways in which its female leads banded together to destroy a dangerous misogynist, so I can only hope Skarsgård’s appearances are limited to flashbacks or dream sequences. Either way, I’m not sure Big Little Lies actually needs another season, even if this new installment is being directed by American Honey and Red Road director Andrea Arnold, because the show felt perfect on its own as just a mini-series.

Still, I can’t say I’m not looking forward to more scenes of Laura Dern anxiously screaming, oceanside, on the patio of her glass mansion.

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