Wendy Williams's Year in 'Clap if You…'

Wendy Williams's Year in 'Clap if You…'
Screenshot:Wendy Williams Show

Clap if you have ever seen Wendy Williams conduct a poll of her audience by leading with, “Clap if you…” Clap if you think this yields scientific data capable of predicting the popularity of the poll’s subject, as Williams seems to. Clap if you’ve ever talked to your father about your period, have had a threesome, believe that Spinderella is an integral part of Salt-n-Pepa, think you can become a Kardashian by drinking FitTea, remember the Lindsay Lohan song that goes, “Daughter to father, daughter to father…,” and/or are confused. Clap if you think this supercut of Wendy Williams asking her audience to clap actually works as a good recap of the year in celebrity news and gossip as well as being an acknowledgment of Williams’ own tumultuous and then triumphant 2019. Clap if you love this video that actually took hours and hours. I can’t hear you.

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