"The Year Of The Woman": Another Mess For Mom To Clean Up


On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart made us watch Joe Scarborough pumping his fist and declaring “women power” because of Tuesday’s primary results. And Samantha Bee explained why she wasn’t all that thrilled about the whole thing.

And no, it’s not because nearly all of these women hold positions that curtail women’s rights. It’s because, apparently taking Palin-style conflation of motherhood and politics at face value, it’s just another burden for the ladies to carry. “Men broke the country and now you need the ladies to come in and make it all better,” she sniffed — America has a “poopy diaper” and is crying for its Mommy. “We were bored just holding down full time jobs and raising the kids anyway,” she says. At which point Jason Jones comes in to act the helpless man-child buffoon of TV lore.

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