There Was A Whole Lotta Crazy At The HuffPo Inaugural Ball


Maybe it’s no wonder that a ball hosted by the Huffington Post and MySpace at D.C.’s Newseum should be a little…quirky. But bad rags from Kerry Washington? Sharon Stone? Diane Von Furstenberg?! Make it stop!

The Good:

Single-piece? Separates? Either way, digging on Teri Hatcher’s getup!

Loving Shakira’s sheath so much more than yesterday’s head of lettuce!

In another return to form, Rosie Perez goes with classic LBD.

What a feeling! Jennifer Beals channels Jezebel…and Jezebel!

Say what you will about Ari, she knows how to dress for D.C….provided, that is, there’s some nude material under that bodice!

Leaving aside why Hayden Panettiere should get to go to all these inaugural fetes when we can’t…she looks lovely.

The Bad:

Oh, Marisa.

Oh, Diane!

Sharon Stone has, arguably, looked more elegant, less furtive.

We’re all for saving the snow leopards, but really, Tracee Ellis Ross?

The Ugly:

No, not Kerry Washington! Let this robotic horror be a pre-inaugural nightmare!

[Images via Getty]

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