There's Now a Streaming TV Service Just for Royal Mega-Fans


The Harry and Meghan content onslaught continues, with the announcement of “Meghan and Harry: The First 100 Days,” from the newly launched streaming service The important part of this news is that there is now a streaming service for royalty obsessives.

Variety reported on the program; cofounder Gregor Angus said the move “demonstrates our ambition to provide subscribers with exclusive, unparalleled access to the highest-quality royal TV content.” In fact, in an incredible own of me, personally, Twitter has lately been serving me ads for the service:

While it sounds sort of like an off-brand commemorative mug with blurry images of the happy couple Harry and Meghan where Harry looks too much like Ed Sheeran, True Royalty TV is in large part the work of a man named Nick Bullen, another co-founder, who actually does have a very successful track record. He produced “The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration,” which won a BAFTA, and his group Spun Gold, which is making this new Harry and Meghan program, made “Meghan Markle: An American Princess” for Fox.

“Basically it’s Netflix for royal programs – it’s royalty on demand,” he told Variety when the service launched in June, adding that they had 150 hours of content, with a goal to reach 400 to 500 years in their first year. “From pharaohs to medieval kings to Meghan Markle, we take you across royal stories from across the world. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have royal content at your fingertips whenever you wanted it?”

Pardon me, but could you please direct me to the barricades?

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