These Nerds Are Gonna Fuckkk Tonight


Batingo! In tonight’s installment of The Big Bang Theory, CBS’s long-running adaptation of the Milgram experiment, Virgin Man Nerd (Jim Parsons) will have to decide between attending the premiere of Star War and fucking his girlfriend, Virgin Woman Nerd (Mayim Bialik). Will the nerds do sex stuff or will the nerds do nerd stuff?!


They do sex stuff! Bazoongy!

Reports USA Today:

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) picks sex, celebrating fellow virgin and recently estranged girlfriend Amy’s birthday by sleeping together for the first time. He doesn’t completely shut out Star Wars, consulting one of his science heroes, the late Arthur Jeffries (Bob Newhart), who is transformed into wise Obi-Wan Kenobi in Sheldon’s subconscious.

It says a lot about the state of American culture when Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination and the most-hyped episode of the most-watched sitcom in the country is about two people having consensual sex.

Imagine. Two nerds fucking. Bizoopy!

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Image via CBS / Screengrab.

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