These Sex Situations from Film and TV Are Definitely Uncomfortable

We all love some spontaneous sex, but why bang against a staircase when there's a nice bed nearby?

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New Girl: Playground equipment

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New Girl: Playground equipment
Screenshot: Netflix

In season two of New Girl, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) runs into the man (Dylan O’Brien) who got away. (He literally walked away when they ran into each other in a hotel hallway after Jess’s failed attempt to lose her virginity at senior prom.) When adult Jess asks him to “do it,” they don’t know where to go. She’s sleeping on a friend’s couch and he’s living in his car. Cue a lightbulb: the child-size castle on a school playground. In what universe was having sex in a child-size castle on a playground a good idea?! The lack of horizontal space is even further impacted by the lack of ceiling height! Eventually, they get stuck, and the sexless pair is there until morning. Go have sex outside at least once if you must! It can be fun! But don’t do it in such a cramped space that will likely get you a spot on the sex offender registry. —Caitlin Cruz

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