These Sex Situations from Film and TV Are Definitely Uncomfortable

We all love some spontaneous sex, but why bang against a staircase when there's a nice bed nearby?

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Screenshot: Netflix

TV and film proliferate a lot of lies about sex—sorry, no, a woman is not orgasm-ing just because a man jackrabbited into her three times—but perhaps one of the most egregious lies is where people get it on in TV and film.

Look, we’re all for fucking in a bathroom if the moment calls for it. But if there’s a bed or couch or other soft surface available, who’s going to choose to bang one out on a staircase or while standing against a wall? Yes, it’s the passion! The drama! The blood rushing away from the brain to the genitals!!! However, we the viewers can only suspend our disbelief so far. If we are to really believe that someone is being carried away in a wave of ecstasy, we should be able to look at the situation and say, “Yeah, I get it,” as opposed to, “How can you cum with your back like that?”

That question comes up a lot more than it should during onscreen sex scenes. Here are our top choices for places people have had sex in TV or film that would certainly not lead to completion:

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