This 11-Year-Old Dance Prodigy Is Pretty Good at Dancing, I Guess

Hey, are you sitting or laying down? You’re going to need to trust me on this one: You need to get comfortable. Because by the time this 11-year-old is done showing you what she can do with her body, you’ll want to take a nap. It’s that intense and jaw-dropping.

Personally, after watching Taylor Hatala kill this remix of “All About That Bass,” I kind of put my head down and wondered why I have a body in the first place when the only thing I can do with it is an amazing shuffle-ball-step and nothing else. Why can’t all of us have these kinds of powers given to us by the dark lord (again, I do not believe someone can be this good without some kind of human sacrifice being involved)? Should we try, though? Listen, I’ll get my headband and meet you down at the studio. Let’s practice all night.

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