This Chevy Ad Will Make You Bawl Your Eyes Out


Car manufacturers spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to sell cars to millennials. Apparently they’re still very confused, because Chevy just released an ad that’s basically a minute-long reminder that one day, your brand new puppy will die.

Go ahead, take two minutes to cry it out.

The ad, which comes via Digg, begins with a woman in a darkish room hugging her very elderly dog. Suddenly the clock is rewound and we relive their life together in reverse, through moves and breakups and graduation. Occasionally, they are in a Chevy together. Amid the flashbacks, it becomes clear that this woman is at the vet to put her dog down. We close on the image of the woman as a child, taking her new puppy home from the vet in the Chevy that will apparently outlive the new addition to the family.

“A best friend for life’s journey,” the commercial tells us. Alternate tagline: “Chevy: Your beloved dog might die, but at least you’ve still got us.” Cold comfort, fellas. It’s less a commercial, really, than a very sad short film about dog euthanasia with some Chevy product placement.

You know what gets me excited about cars? Road trips, summer sun, beaches, apple-picking, long nighttime drives, even, yes, trips to pick up a brand new puppy. What does not get me excited about cars: DEATH. Make a note, Chevy.

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