This Glowing Review For Personal Lubricant Is Intense as Fuck


“The small bottle lasts five days or approximately fifteen yogurts.”

If you’re looking for a personal lubricant that feels better than KY and isn’t your sister’s hand…moisturizer (that is a whoa-worthy line break in the image), then you should check out Astroglide, which will apparently turn your hand into an actual vagina and change your life completely, if only for a short time. Just remember to get the biggest bottle if you masturbate more than fifteen times a week…otherwise it might get pretty annoying.

Convinced? If the glowing testimonial above doesn’t do it for you (I get it, something about the use of the word yogurt freaks me out, too), consider the fact that the redditor who posted this find actually bought, used and now recommends the lube above all others to the entire internet. How’s that for a ringing endorsement?

Also: I need to be real with you. When I first read this thing I didn’t understand what yogurt meant and thought someone was actually purchasing Gogurts and fucking them, which made me a little sick to my stomach but then I realized that teens across America probably are doing that, so there’s a nice thought for your Thursday!

Image via Reddit

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