This Goldman Sachs Lady Will Teach You How To Date Black Dudes


Meet J.C. Davies! She’s a blogger, former investment banker, and the author of a book about inter-racial dating. In it, she addresses questions including, “Are Jewish men really cheap?” and “Are all Indian men well versed in the Kama Sutra?”

Yesterday, my mid-afternoon enjoyment of Michel Martin’s dulcet, NPR tones was interrupted by a Tell Me More guest who let slip the most remarkable series of ignorant non-sequiturs on the topic of inter-racial dating that I have ever heard. It perhaps didn’t help that the topic at hand was dating and unemployment, which was just the opening Davies needed to knit together her ethnic stereotypes with her fiscal stereotypes and make a cute little stereotype sweater. (Perhaps just such a garment might be suitable for a Tight-Fisted Jewish Man or a Status-Driven South Asian!)

But back to fucking. “I think of all the different cultures I discuss in the book, Latinos, Indian-Asians, blacks and Jewish, there is a definitely difference as to whether or not they would even consider pursuing women if they’re unemployed, particular, Asians and Indians. It’s just not something they would do,” said Davies. “I remember having this conversation with a good friend of mine that’s really intelligent and he said — and I said, you know, you should be a entrepreneur. And he says, ‘Oh yeah, like, anyone’s going to date an unemployed bald Indian guy.’ So, I mean that’s sort of the mentality that they have. They just really wouldn’t even approach a woman if they didn’t have a job.” See! She asked an actual Indian person, she’s not just making this stuff up.

But what about black people? Do black women date unemployed men? “You know, with the sisters, I mean, they’re really not going to put up with the brother that’s unemployed. So, I mean maybe they need to start considering dating white women or something.” (“The sisters”? Sounds like Davies could stand to listen to some of her own advice: “Don’t introduce ‘black topics of conversation’ with your black boyfriend’s parents. Don’t come into the room with, ‘Yo moms; yo pops. What’s up?'”)

Probably the best part was when Davies started to talk about the difference between blacks and “people that are part of the general American culture,” and Martin interrupted her. “You mean white. You mean white — is what you meant.”

“Yeah,” replied Davies blithely. “White people.”

The other best part was when Davies said that she does, in fact, have a boyfriend now. “He’s a Jewish accountant,” she announced proudly, to nobody in particular. “Sorry, not to be stereotypical, but that just is the truth.”

“Well, I hope we stayed on the right side of the stereotype line. I’m not sure we did,” said Michel Martin, a little nervously, before reminding listeners that these are “her experiences. Write the letters to her!”

So, what pearls of wisdom does I Got The Fever: Better Dating Through Ethnic Stereotypes contain?

Well, her website promises the book is full of “practical information” about dating men of all five colors and flavors — “Latino, Asian, Black, Indian, and Jewish.” Ambitiously, the book claims to address “every question you ever had about dating men of other races but were too PC to ask.”

In between conducting her sociological research into the contemporary construction of race, Davies also busies herself writing her very helpful “blog articles,” including “What Is Wrong With I-talians?” and “Interracial Cougar Fever.”

Davies offers one caveat: “As I say in the book (ad nauseam, I might add), every person and every relationship is different. It was really important for me to put real stories in the book so that you experience real-life examples of how interracial relationships work.” So you can make wide-ranging assumptions about them!

“Everybody on this earth has a talent,” she writes, which is one of those warnings people typically offer before sharing a generous analysis of their own. “Besides a sharp wit, my one true talent is having the courage to speak my mind and tell the truth. If I write creatively about race, culture, and relationships, I hope it will encourage others to tiptoe into this previously forbidden topic. Most importantly, I hope that people see they don’t have to limit themselves when it comes to relationships.”

Gee, I hope not, either! Discussing why old men dig black chicks and reading lines like “Overall, sex is one thing, apart from accounting, at which Jewish men really excel” is just too much fun. I’m torn between ordering my copy now, and hotly awaiting the delivery of Davies’ planned “second edition to I Got The Fever, with another ‘bonus’ culture.” I just can’t wait to hear more of Davies’ refreshingly candid observations from her 20 years of dating the rainbow. What wit! What incisive analysis. If ever there were a book to revolutionize the dating scene of the 1980s, this is that book.

I Got The Fever [Official Site]
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