This Is What Your Pippa Middleton TV Special Will Look Like


The network that brought the world Kate Gosselin, adult babies, four-year-olds inappropriately shaking their asses in Toddlers & Tiaras, and countless baby shows will take a quick break from their regular trashy programming to talk about Pippa Middleton. Who is this 27-year-old British party planner with an ass so great she’s been dubbed “The Royal Hotness”? Crazy About Pippa will attempt to explore just that. This morning we got a preview of what’s to come: lots of “Pippa experts” yammering on about how Pippa has “eclipsed her sister”, how the world has a case of “Pippa Mania,” and, of course, that ass.

The one-hour special — with no actual interviews with Pippa or the Royal Family, mind you — will air on TLC next Tuesday, at 8pm.

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