This Owl Is Totally Judging You For Whatever You Did Saturday Night


Whatever you did (or didn’t do, loser) on Saturday night is making this owl give you the stink eye because owls, as a well-known scientific fact, are extremely prudish, judgmental creatures that just think they’re so fucking smart. Remember Owl, from the Hundred Acre Wood? He was a supercilious asshole. I mean, we can all forgive Rabbit for being an old crank because there’s totally a dark backstory to Rabbit in which maybe his wife died in a drunk driving accident and he was driving the car so now he tries gardening to help ease the pain, but no amount of carrot fertilizer can bury the guilt and he’s just so tired of everyone else’s middling bullshit that, sometimes, he just snaps. Meanwhile, Owl probably went to Oxford, reminds everyone like all the time, and reads The Economist before bed, thinking, “Well, why can’t everyone just be as rich and smart as I am, hmm?”

via Buzzfeed

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