This Portrait of La Toya Jackson Drawn by a Young Janet Jackson Is a Scream

This Portrait of La Toya Jackson Drawn by a Young Janet Jackson Is a Scream

Janet Jackson recently put up relics of her entire career and much of her life for auction. We’re talking weird clown dolls, report cards, iconic outfits, stage props, some custom Christmas cards (one features her and ex Jermaine Dupri!), a belly button ring that says “BITCH,” foreplay dice, a crystal-encrusted flip phone, a sauna suit (“for weight loss”), Miles Davis records, and some custom press-on nails.

But nothing, absolutely nothing among Jackson’s stuff and possibly the entire world, beats this picture she drew of her kewpie-cute sister La Toya. It’s up to $1,000 with five bids at the time of this post.


“A caricature drawing by Janet Jackson of La Toya Jackson in pencil on a lined sheet of paper. Jackson has titled the drawing ‘Latoya Jackson,’” reads the description of the 11″ x 8.5″ drawing. Yes…caricature.

It’s presented early in the listings, along with some grade school-era Jackson ephemera, which makes me think she was no older than Good Times age when she drew this. It almost feels like a preview of how La Toya’s face would continue to evolve throughout the ‘80s and beyond. Absolutely amazing.

“Latoya Jackson” is certainly the auction’s pièce de résistance, but there’s some truly incredible stuff being sold, like Jackson’s signature key earring, a portrait of the pop star as Cleopatra, and a replica of Jackson’s handwritten journal. The auction’s full name is Iconic Treasures From The Legendary Career And Life of Janet Jackson, and it’s set to take place live in Beverly Hills as well as online May 14 – 16. A portion of proceeds will benefit Compassion International, a Christian child-advocacy charity. Here’s my child advocacy: More portraits of children like the one Janet drew of La Toya, please!

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