This Rich TikTok Star Painted Her Tesla Pink

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Image: CPR/D.Sanchez (Backgrid)

What to do when one is a rich internet star best known for doing choreographed dance moves invented by teenagers and hanging around big empty mansions in the Hollywood Hills? Well, the answer is simple: paint that Tesla pink.

Addison Rae is a human person who has a famous TikTok account. Perhaps that’s the best way to describe the frequent Kardashian hanger-on, who was photographed Thursday outside jewelry store XIV Karats in Beverly Hills. True to the habits of 20-somethings with stupid amounts of TikTok clout money, the most interesting sight to her ensemble, complete with tiny little stiletto sandals, was a bubblegum pink Tesla with painted rims. It was... an odd choice, for sure.

If I were rich—and I am not—I would attempt to blend in as much as I possibly could, unless I was robbed by people like me. Like Jojo Siwa’s similarly dressed up Tesla, a bubblegum pink ride just screams: “I have a large credit card in my wallet you can buy nice things with.” Similar to a house with one billion cameras all around it, or a sweatshirt that reads: “Please rob me.” To be clear, I am not advocating for some random person to rob an unsuspecting Addison Rae. Don’t be a freak.

More, I’m just thinking out loud, about a person I don’t know personally, with a hot pink Tesla, which sparks in me an anxiety I can’t articulate, and should probably unpack. The imbalance in this conversation should be clear as is.

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